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  • Oasis Aqualounge, The X Club, and The Group: Contrasting Toronto’s Lifestyle Scene

    Toronto boasts a vibrant and diverse lifestyle scene, offering a range of experiences for individuals and couples exploring open relationships and non-monogamy. Two prominent venues, Oasis Aqualounge and The X Club, have earned their place in the city’s landscape by providing open-to-the-public settings for those interested in the lifestyle. However, another player in the Toronto […]

  • Friction Parties vs. Saints & Sinners vs. The Group

    The lifestyle community offers various events and parties catering to those interested in open relationships and non-monogamous experiences. Two prominent organizers in the mid-Atlantic, Saints & Sinners Parties and Friction Parties, create experiences with distinct characteristics. In this article, we’ll explore the details of these events, including their costs, themed events, and the type of […]