• January 12, 2024
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Single Men in the Lifestyle: Challenges and Opportunities when Navigating the Community

The lifestyle community, often associated with consensual non-monogamy and open relationships, is a dynamic and evolving space that welcomes diversity. However, for single men seeking entry into this vibrant world, there are challenges to be faced, both in public events and private gatherings. The hurdles faced by single men in the lifestyle and how exclusive communities like The Group accommodate them through carefully curated membership approaches should be understood before requesting access.

Challenges for Single Men in the Lifestyle:

  1. Access to Public Events:
    • Many public lifestyle events, parties, and gatherings have established norms that may pose challenges for single men. Some may experience hesitancy or even face restrictions on entry, as these events often prioritize couples and single women.  Should they openly allow single men, the promoter or club will often charge substantially higher prices for single men.  At the same time, couples and single women at these events may be cold and dismissive towards the men, often seen as interlopers.
  2. Integration into Private Parties:
    • Private parties, known for their exclusivity and curated guest lists, can be particularly challenging for single men unless they have established a relationship with the host(s) in advance.  Hosts and organizers may be cautious about maintaining a balanced and comfortable environment, which can impact the inclusion of single male attendees.

The Group’s Approach to Single Men in the Lifestyle:

Navigating the landscape of lifestyle events can be challenging for single men, but The Group addresses these hurdles through thoughtful and inclusive membership strategies:

  1. Once part of a Couple:
    • The most common scenario involves a  man who was once part of a couple within The Group. In instances where a couple decides to part ways amicably, the single man and/or the newly single woman may be invited to continue his/her membership.
  2. Referrals from Established Couples:
    • Occasionally, established couples within The Group may refer a single man whom they know personally and trust. This referral system fosters a sense of community and ensures that single men are introduced by members with whom the community has an existing rapport.
  3. Selective Evaluation of Requests:
    • While rare, The Group considers well-written requests from single men who provide a reasonable amount of professional and personal background information, and tasteful photos. Each request is evaluated individually, and if deemed appropriate, an invitation may be extended to join a  dinner.

Guidelines for Single Men:

  1. Relaxed and Laid-Back Approach:
    • Single men attending lifestyle events, whether with The Group or elsewhere, are encouraged to adopt a relaxed and laid-back demeanor. This approach helps create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone involved.
  2. Respectful Interaction:
    • It is crucial for single men to be respectful and mindful of boundaries. Approaching women with grace and respect, rather than being pushy, enhances the overall experience for everyone in attendance.
  3. Understanding Their Role:
    • Viewing themselves as accessories rather than assertive participants is a valuable perspective for single men. This mindset allows interested women to decide the level of engagement, creating a more inclusive and consensual environment.  When attending an in-person function, it is important to understand that women typically make the first move.

For single men navigating the lifestyle, challenges can be met with thoughtful and inclusive approaches. The Group’s commitment to creating an accommodating environment reflects the broader shift in the lifestyle community towards recognizing the diverse needs of its members. Whether connected through previous relationships, trusted referrals, or carefully evaluated requests, single men can find a place within exclusive communities. By adhering to respectful behavior and understanding their role as potential companions, single men contribute to fostering a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere within the lifestyle.