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  • Don’t Judge a Group by Its’ Dinner

    A guest blog by Nicolas, a Full Member of The Group. My wife and I just attended the Lowcountry Lifestyle Weekend in Charleston. When meeting some of the sixty guests, I heard a few times from those attending (this being their first weekend event with The Group) about the disparity in the experience between their initial Just for a Dinner event and the Charleston weekend event.  It’s not […]

  • Unveiling Just For Dinner: A Prelude to The Group’s Exclusive Experiences

    In the sophisticated realm of The Group, connections are forged with intention and purpose. Just For Dinner, a unique offering stands as a testament to this philosophy. Contrary to common misconception, it is not a traditional Group event but rather an exclusive opportunity for professional singles, couples, and throuples in the lifestyle to come together. […]

  • Single Men in the Lifestyle: Challenges and Opportunities when Navigating the Community

    The lifestyle community, often associated with consensual non-monogamy and open relationships, is a dynamic and evolving space that welcomes diversity. However, for single men seeking entry into this vibrant world, there are challenges to be faced, both in public events and private gatherings. The hurdles faced by single men in the lifestyle and how exclusive […]

  • Inclusivity: The first (of many) Female-Female Couples in The Group

    Within the vibrant tapestry of The Group, a unique and heartwarming chapter unfolds as female-female couples, inspired by trailblazing podcasters Tiffany and Rachel, hosts of the Sapphic Swingers podcast, have found a place of belonging and exploration. Their connection to the broader LGBTQ+ community and their positive experiences within The Group, beginning in 2014 have […]

  • The History of The Group: From One-Night Swinger Parties to Luxury Lifestyle Weekends – Part 2

    In the rich tapestry of The Group’s history, the year 2015 emerged as a transformative chapter, introducing a shift that would redefine the community’s approach to connections and exclusivity. In that pivotal year, The Group made the two strategic decisions to cease accepting open invitation requests for its luxury weekend events, introducing the innovative Just […]

  • Oasis Aqualounge, The X Club, and The Group: Contrasting Toronto’s Lifestyle Scene

    Toronto boasts a vibrant and diverse lifestyle scene, offering a range of experiences for individuals and couples exploring open relationships and non-monogamy. Two prominent venues, Oasis Aqualounge and The X Club, have earned their place in the city’s landscape by providing open-to-the-public settings for those interested in the lifestyle. However, another player in the Toronto […]

  • “Just For Dinner”: Elevating Open Relationships

    Launched in 2015, “Just For Dinner” has become a beacon of refined sophistication in the world of open relationships and the swinger lifestyle. This exclusive dinner series, a pivotal part of The Group’s offerings, has achieved remarkable success and attracted a loyal following of professional couples from various open relationships. Designed to provide an upscale […]

  • Friction Parties vs. Saints & Sinners vs. The Group

    The lifestyle community offers various events and parties catering to those interested in open relationships and non-monogamous experiences. Two prominent organizers in the mid-Atlantic, Saints & Sinners Parties and Friction Parties, create experiences with distinct characteristics. In this article, we’ll explore the details of these events, including their costs, themed events, and the type of […]