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Why Join The Group?

Nowadays, everything related to the lifestyle seems geared to the masses.  No one wants to take the time to curate the crowd, or vet the guests in any meaningful way.   Events, websites, parties and resorts put all their effort into getting as many bodies through the door as possible.  Any competition that arises, is met with lower prices, not higher quality.

In contrast, after a decade of hosting private high-end events, The Group’s founder was urged to create a private community where professionals involved in open relationships could communicate, meet, and connect.  With a lot of dedication, the commitments were made and The Group was formed.


So, we screen out those who would not be a good fit physically or socially,  or who are just looking for a quick hook-up.   We seek out those who want to enjoy the best a city has to offer in food, wine, venues, hotels, and musicians and bring them together to privately share their interests.

To insure the quality of our events, we insist on meeting everyone in person before extending an invitation.  That’s where the dinner’s come in.  Representatives of The Group travel the world, hosting elaborate meals in fine dining restaurants, and take the time to speak with everyone.  The end result is a curated group of non-judgmental, open-minded people who appreciate the legwork we do, and understand the value this represents.


Prospective Member

Have completed the online application process, and have received an open invitation to attend any of the upcoming dinner events, internationally.



Provisional Member

Have attended a dinner event, or received a direct referral from an existing member, and are now invited to participate in their first luxury lifestyle weekend or international expeditions.


  • App Access = Limited
  • Dinner Invitations
  • International Expeditions
  • Luxury Lifestyle Weekends




Full Members

Attended at least one luxury lifestyle weekend, or international expedition, and have received the positive support of the other Full Members in attendance to participate in future gatherings.


  • App Access = Full
  • Dinner Invitations
  • High-End Event Accommodations 
  • International Expeditions
  • Luxury Lifestyle Weekends
  • Luxury Yacht Charter Discounts
  • Not Just For Cocktails, 1-Night Parties
  • Vacation Rental & Resort Discounts
  • Other Private Perks…


Membership Fees


No one loves initiation fees or monthly dues, though they definitely have their place in weeding out the tire-kickers, or those looking for a one-night hookup. The good news is that we don’t like them either.

Instead, we choose to focus on fostering real-world connections.  We do this by hosting around 50 dinners and events each year, in 5 countries.  So, to maintain an active membership in The Group, we operate with an annual minimum of $600 per couple ($300 for a single).  This is about the price of attending one private dinner or cocktail evening each year.  Of course, to get the most out of your membership, attending the luxury weekends and international expeditions, is where the magic happens.

Ready For The First Step?