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So you want to explore the lifestyle, or an open relationship with someone you consider your peer. Someone who shares your education level and interests. Perhaps you also want them to share your appreciation for fitness, fine dining, wines on allotment, or a hotel concierge who is a member of Les Clefs d'Or. And maybe, just maybe, you’d like them to be, attractive enough to at least look good in black-and-white photos. Face it, you're not picky. You are just self aware.


The Group is exclusively for professional couples and singles who are equally as selective. Who want to gather and enjoy the best a city has to offer, not just some random, anonymous, hook-up in a dark room.


Members of The Group demand quality over quantity in all things (and people). Sound like you?


The Stages

What it takes to get here

The Idea

There must be some place where professional couples, and singles, in the lifestyle gather. A group that focuses on quality, rather than quantity. Since we can't find it elsewhere, lets build it together!

The Vetting

The first step is to find your way here, and show your interest by requesting an invitation, applying for membership, or downloading the app. Once you do, the process begins. Step away at any time. Return when your ready. Those who belong here find their way. ​

The Dinner

Quality does not just refer to the venues, but also includes the members of The Group with whom you will associate. Since there is no correlation between cash and class, each person without a direct referral must first attend a private dinner. JustForDinner.com

The Membership

After completing a dinner, a select few are invited to attend an event. After attending their first event, Full Members of The Group vote on accepting new members. Once approved, new members gain greater access to events, perks, and other members.

The Events

Members of The Group are invited to participate periodically in private receptions, luxury lifestyle weekends and international expeditions. The venues are always 5-stars, and our common bond is handled discreetly, not flaunted publicly.

The App

Bringing together a cohesive group of interesting, accomplished, open-minded people in the lifestyle takes time. Unfortunately, time is a precious resource not to be frivolously wasted. Members of The Group can connect with each other using The App.

The Events

where we gather

Just For Dinner

26 Cities Worldwide
Canada, Caribbean, England, Mexico, United States

By Invitation Only

LowCountry Lifestyle Indulgence

Historic District
Charleston, South Carolina
October 1-4, 2020

For Members Only

Not Just For Cocktails

5 North American Cities

For Members Only

A private place for open people.

Membership is not Guaranteed

Although the vetting process remains in place for the benefit of Group members, anyone may request an invitation to a dinner. Without a direct referral from an existing member, this is going to take time and you can't simply buy your way to the top of the list.

NOTICE: We are working hard to build a balanced community, to foster real-world connections and provide a place where people may connect with their peers. This means that not everyone who downloads The App, requests an invitation, or attends a dinner or an event will receive an invitation to join The Group.


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