Inclusivity: The first (of many) Female-Female Couples in The Group
  • June 22, 2023
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Inclusivity: The first (of many) Female-Female Couples in The Group

Within the vibrant tapestry of The Group, a unique and heartwarming chapter unfolds as female-female couples, inspired by trailblazing podcasters Tiffany and Rachel, hosts of the Sapphic Swingers podcast, have found a place of belonging and exploration. Their connection to the broader LGBTQ+ community and their positive experiences within The Group, beginning in 2014 have sparked the interest of other same-sex female couples and mixed-gender throuples. This article will delve into how Tiffany and Rachel, along with insights from Joel Simkhai, the founder of Grindr, have contributed to the diversification and inclusivity of The Group’s community. We will also recount a chance encounter during Fantasy Fest 2022 in Key West, Florida, where a professional male-male couple from Michigan shared their thoughts on the need for high-end experiences within the LGBTQ+ community.

Tiffany & Rachel: Pioneers in The Group

Tiffany and Rachel, the dynamic hosts of the Sapphic Swingers podcast, blazed a trail within The Group’s open relationship community. As a female-female couple, their journey navigating open relationships has resonated with a wide audience and inspired others to embark on a similar path.

In their role as podcasters, Tiffany and Rachel have generously shared their stories and experiences, fostering a sense of connection and understanding within The Group. Their openness and positivity helped create an atmosphere where other same-sex female couples and mixed-gender throuples felt not only welcomed but celebrated.

Forging Links to the Broader LGBTQ+ Community

Tiffany and Rachel’s connection to the broader LGBTQ+ community has further enriched The Group’s diverse membership and led to the application by other bisexual and lesbian women, both single and with partners interested in participating in The Group. Tiffany and Rachel were the first to bridge the gap between open relationships and LGBTQ+ experiences, creating a space where everyone’s unique journey is embraced and cherished.

Drawing Parallels with Joel Simkhai’s Insights

Joel Simkhai, the visionary founder of Grindr, a widely recognized LGBTQ+ dating app, offers valuable insights into the everyday challenges different communities face. He astutely points out that, much like The Group, the LGBTQ+ community also seeks upscale and sophisticated environments to connect and build meaningful relationships, but adds that similar experiences, curated for professional gay men, are not as commonplace as he would like them to be.

The universal desire for upscale experiences that cater to diverse backgrounds and orientations underscores the shared needs of these communities.

A Chance Encounter in Key West

An unexpected encounter occurred during the vibrant festivities of Fantasy Fest 2022 in Key West, Florida. While partaking in the festivities, The Group’s founder met a professional male-male couple from Michigan and learned about The Group and its commitment to crafting high-end experiences, most commonly for heterosexual couples.

Their chance discovery led to a meaningful conversation about the unmet needs within the LGBTQ+ community for upscale environments that facilitate connections, trust, and a sense of belonging. This chance encounter further emphasized the importance of fostering inclusive spaces.

With their encouragement, The Group began its investigation and ultimate launch of “Dinner With Men” during Aspen Gay Ski Week in 2024, a compliment to The Group’s occasional Just For Dinner: Women Only soirees.


The pioneering spirit of Tiffany and Rachel, complemented by insights from Joel Simkhai and the serendipitous encounter in Key West, has catalyzed a journey of inclusivity and connection within The Group. Their experiences and dedication to diversity have fostered a nurturing space for same-sex couples, mixed-gender throuples, and individuals from all walks of life. In a world where open relationships and LGBTQ+ identities intersect, The Group stands as a beacon of inclusivity, providing a platform for love, understanding, and connection to flourish. Through shared stories, acceptance, and support, The Group continues to thrive as a diverse and welcoming community where all are invited to explore and celebrate love in its many beautiful forms.