Women Step Aboard for an Evening of Elegance and Empowerment
  • May 12, 2024
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Women Step Aboard for an Evening of Elegance and Empowerment

The Official Launch Party of Stiletto SocialSaturday, August 3, 2024

Mark your calendars for a unique celebration of femininity and connection as The Group proudly announces the Stiletto Social Launch Party. This ladies-only on-premise event is scheduled for 9 PM on Saturday, August 3rd, aboard a private yacht in Fort Lauderdale. It’s not just a party—it’s a journey into a night filled with elegance, empowerment, and exclusive experiences.

An Invitation-Only Affair

Stiletto Social is an invitation-only event that promises to be as selective as it is spectacular. By borrowing from the successful format of our acclaimed “Jackets Required” gatherings, this soirée is set to start with a lightly catered cocktail reception. Guests will be welcomed aboard with a variety of gourmet bites and a selection of fine wines and artisan cocktails, setting the tone for an evening of sophisticated socializing.

From Cocktails to Connection

As the evening progresses, the atmosphere will organically evolve into a more intimate sapphic experience. What begins as an elegant mixer will gently transition into an opportunity for guests to explore deeper connections and shared interests. The yacht will provide the setting haven for this transformation, offering both privacy and luxury against the backdrop of Fort Lauderdale’s stunning coastal views.

An Evening Hosted by Co-Founder Ann

We are thrilled to announce that the evening will be hosted by none other than The Group’s co-founder, Ann. Known for her grace, elegance, and commitment to creating empowering spaces for women, Ann will ensure that the party is not only memorable but also a true celebration of women’s empowerment and sisterhood.

A Celebration of Sapphic Sisterhood

“It’s an opportunity to meet other women and form bonds that could last a lifetime,” says Ann.

Stiletto Social is more than just a party; it’s a statement. It’s about creating a space where women can feel safe expressing themselves freely, connecting with like-minded individuals, and celebrating their identities. This event is designed to foster a sense of community and provide a platform for genuine connections among women who share similar values and visions.

Join Ann on This Exclusive Journey

For those who have received an invitation, prepare for an evening of allure and intimate exploration. For those interested in joining future events like this, stay tuned for more opportunities to engage with The Group’s unique social gatherings, where luxury meets liberation.

Stiletto Social’s Launch Party is where the journey begins—step aboard and let us sail into a night of endless possibilities.

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