• February 1, 2023
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The History of The Group: From Luxury Lifestyle Weekends to Private Venues and a Members-Only Resort – Part 3

Chapter Three: Resilience and Evolution

By 2019, at the peak of its social calendar, hosting international events and over 80 dinners annually, the abrupt halt imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic forced The Group to reevaluate, adapt, and ultimately emerge stronger than ever.

The Covid Interruption: A Halt and a Pause

The Group, known for its opulent gatherings and international events, found itself at a crossroads when the Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill. With international borders closing and the uncertainty surrounding social interactions, the thriving social calendar came to an abrupt halt.

The Resumption: Navigating the New Normal

Once the vaccine was introduced and lockdowns gradually lifted, The Group cautiously resumed hosting small dinners, sometimes with as few as eight guests if that was what local ordinances would allow. However, the post-pandemic environment proved challenging for the larger high-end gatherings that were the hallmark of The Group’s identity. Members, ever astute, began suggesting a novel approach—procuring and operating private venues where they could retreat from prying eyes and receive the consistent level of service they deserved.

The Vision Unfolds: Procuring Private Venues

The first foray into private venues was marked by the acquisition of a 100′ yacht crafted by a well-known sports icon. This luxurious vessel became a floating sanctuary, allowing members to indulge in the ultimate privacy while cruising the open seas or simply dining at the dock with a celebrity chef.

The second venture involved the purchase of a multi-million dollar Caribbean estate built by a member of Hollywood’s elite celebrity. This secluded haven became a retreat for those seeking exclusivity and the allure of a location with unspoiled beauty sitting atop a cliff laced with the fossils of prehistoric sea creatures and relaxed sophistication that hinted at the personality of its prior owner.

The Culmination: A Boutique Resort of Distinction

The crowning achievement comes with acquiring a well-regarded boutique resort. Set to open in the spring of 2024, this new addition will not merely be a venue but a members-only resort—a haven where the essence of The Group’s exclusivity would be woven into every detail. The Group’s first permanent clubhouse.

The Founding Principle Upheld: Sanctuaries for Members

Through these acquisitions, The Group steadfastly upheld its founding principle—to create sanctuaries where members could spend time away from prying eyes and receive consistent service befitting the founder and every member. These private venues are certain to become the embodiment of The Group’s commitment to exclusivity, privacy, and uncompromising luxury.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Innovation and Elegance

The Group stands as an unparalleled beacon of exclusivity, offering its members sanctuaries where the pursuit of pleasure and connection knows no bounds. Stay tuned for the next chapter as we delve deeper into the continued evolution of The Group and the legacy it continues to weave.