“Just For Dinner”: Elevating Open Relationships

Launched in 2015, “Just For Dinner” has become a beacon of refined sophistication in the world of open relationships and the swinger lifestyle. This exclusive dinner series, a pivotal part of The Group’s offerings, has achieved remarkable success and attracted a loyal following of professional couples from various open relationships. Designed to provide an upscale environment for meaningful connections, Just For Dinner has seamlessly provided local continuity for members of The Group while simultaneously serving as a vital component of its vetting process for new members. In this blog post, we will explore why Just For Dinner has captured the hearts of discerning individuals and how it has played a dual role in fostering community and curating quality within The Group.

A Taste of Succes

  1. Culinary Excellence: Just For Dinner sets itself apart by offering not just meals but culinary journeys hosted at renowned restaurants and private venues. Past dinners have featured a lineup of culinary virtuosos, including James Beard award-winning chefs, Iron Chefs, and Michelin-rated culinary artists. Each event promises an exceptional gastronomic adventure.
  2. Professional Elegance: Just For Dinner is tailored to attract professional couples, throuples, and singles seeking a refined and upscale environment to connect with like-minded peers. Its exclusive atmosphere appeals to individuals who value sophistication and meaningful interactions within the open relationship community.
  3. Continuity Across North America and Beyond: Just For Dinner has expanded its reach, hosting events in over 26 cities across North America. This geographical diversity ensures that members of The Group, whether local or traveling, can find a Just For Dinner event to attend, fostering continuity and connections across regions. In 2024, The Group is expanding Just For DInner into the UK and Europe to support their new private, members-only Resort.
  4. Integral Role in Vetting: Just For Dinner has seamlessly integrated into The Group’s vetting process for new members. This unique approach ensures that potential members share the values and ethos of the community, as attending these events offers a firsthand experience of the open relationship lifestyle and an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

Just For Dinner – Beyond the Table

Just For Dinner goes beyond traditional dining experiences. It offers exclusive settings such as intimate dinner parties aboard The Group’s private 100′ yacht. These extraordinary events create a backdrop for forging deeper connections and meaningful relationships.

It also quickly drew the attention of the hosts of the popular podcast WeGottaThing. First featured in Episode #9, the Joneses attended a dinner at the Four Seasons Georgetown. In subsequent Episodes, they discussed their journey deeper into The Group and their first-hand experiences.

The Group’s Digital Breadcrumb Strategy

At the core of The Group’s success is its digital breadcrumb strategy. This approach involves discreetly leaving traces or hints across online platforms, creating an aura of exclusivity and intrigue. These traces may include subtle social media presence, mentions in online forums, and carefully curated content designed to resonate with the target audience.

Word-of-mouth and Personal Referrals

The Group emphasizes word-of-mouth referrals and personal recommendations from existing members. Trust within the community is paramount, and personal referrals help maintain the quality and integrity of The Group’s membership.


Just For Dinner” has become a symbol of refined elegance within the open relationship and swinger lifestyle and has also played a pivotal role in connecting individuals and couples seeking meaningful connections. Its dedication to culinary excellence, geographical expansion, and integral role in vetting new members have earned it a dedicated following. With The Group’s digital breadcrumb strategy and reliance on word-of-mouth and personal referrals, Just For Dinner has enriched the open relationship community with an upscale and inclusive environment where connections flourish, and trust prevails.