Introducing “Jackets Required”: The Group’s Exclusive Affair for Professionals 40 and Under

MIAMI, FLORIDA — The Group, a renowned name in the upscale open relationship community, is thrilled to announce the launch of Jackets Required Parties. Tailored for professionals aged 40 and under, this exciting addition to The Group’s repertoire serves as a seamless complement to Just For Dinner and a gateway into The Group’s world of quality connections and exclusive experiences.

A Nod to the Origins: Hosting the Inaugural Party Aboard a Yacht

The inaugural Jackets Required Party draws inspiration from the pioneering Do You Know George parties hosted in upstate New York in 2005. With an air of nostalgia, this first event will take place on Saturday, December 3, 2022, aboard a luxurious private yacht during Art Basel against the backdrop of Miami’s breathtaking skyline. The catered, on-premise party will include The Group’s usual attention to vetting, an open bar, and a renowned EDM DJ.

Bridging the Gap for Young Professionals

Jackets Required Parties are crafted to meet the desires of young professionals within the open relationship community. This demographic has long sought exclusive events that cater to their preferences, providing an elegant platform to network, connect, and explore open relationships.

A Harmonious Complement to Just For Dinner

Jackets Required parties seamlessly align with Just For Dinner, The Group’s renowned dinner series that has been a cornerstone of the community. Together, these events offer a holistic journey into The Group’s commitment to prioritizing quality connections and meaningful experiences.

Ushering in a New Era

The Group’s dedication to redefining the lifestyle community’s experiences remains unwavering. The launch of Jackets Required Parties marks an exciting chapter, providing young professionals with access to upscale and exclusive gatherings that align with their preferences and aspirations.

For More Information

For inquiries or to secure your invitation to the inaugural Jackets Required party, please request your invitation at

About The Group

The Group is a trailblazing community dedicated to creating refined and exclusive events for individuals and couples exploring open relationships. With a meticulous vetting process and an unwavering commitment to quality, The Group offers a safe and welcoming space where connections flourish and meaningful experiences unfold.