Just For Dinner

San Francisco, CA

Saturday, July 25th, 2020

Dear Friends,

Last March, marked my tenth year of hosting erotic, on-premise events all across North America and the Caribbean. During this time we have worked tirelessly to enhance our guest's experience and craft high-quality, low pressure events for those who enjoy life with a more refined palate.

This invitation to join us "Just For Dinner" is something new that we introduced in the past year.

The premise is simple. With our multi-day events taking a year or more to organize, we wanted to create something simple and (relatively) spontaneous; an opportunity to meet other professional couples in the lifestyle just for dinner.

With no bands or entertainment, no caterers or lavish estates and no expectation of an after-party, the evening will progress at a relaxed pace and provide those in attendance the opportunity to discreetly meet other couples in the lifestyle without having to make a larger commitment in time and travel.

The location for our gathering will be one of the top ten best reviewed restaurants in the metropolitan area and the specific location will be revealed the Monday before the dinner. The menu for the evening will be a 5-course tasting menu, with the chef's personal selection of wine parings. With advance notice, we will be happy to accommodate your dietary limitations and food allergies. Please note that the evening's cost is non-refundable because for a group reservation of this nature we are contractually required to prepay based on the reservation, not the attendance.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me directly at: [email protected]

Warmest Regards,

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