• March 22, 2019
  • The Group
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Preeminent Podcasters WeGottaThing Interview The Group’s Founder

WASHINGTON, DC – The creators of one of the most unique lifestyle podcasts available, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, recently interviewed The Group’s founder. In a special “bonus” episode, the Joneses hosted George in their studio.

During the one-hour interview featured in Episode 61 of the WeGottaThing.com podcast, the Jones covered topics ranging from the origin of The Group to the methods employed to curate each guest list.  It also touched on the various monikers and brands that George has created, including “Do You Know George,” “Just For Dinner,” “The Group,” and “The Secret Ball”.

To hear the complete recording, please visit: https://wegottathing.com/bonus-episode-61-do-you-know-george/

Past reviews of The Group’s events may be found in Episodes #9, #19 & #51