September 22 - September 26, 2021 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Its Vegas Baby!

My Friends,

It seems as if 2021 is flying past. First, the Charleston and Miami weekends sold out, and now Las Vegas is just around the corner.

We are excited to present the best of Las Vegas with the help of our local members opening some doors for us. We also have a wonderful and unique Grand Canyon experience planned that we are certain will be a once-in-a-lifetime occaion for most of us.

For our new Provisional Members, please set your reservations to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday so that you have time to become acquainted with the pace of our weekend events and the time necessary to meet all of our other guests.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Warmest Regards,

George & Liz



Join us for a private reception in the Grand Canyon and then lift off as the sun begins to set over Las Vegas.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Check-in time is 4 pm.

The -g Spot Lounge, will be waiting for you if you arrive a little early and need to wait a bit until your room is available. You are also welcome to drop your bags, freshen up and walk down to the VIP Pool Deck and enjoy some of the last rays of summer.

As evening rolls down The Strip and the twinkling lights awaken we will be hosting a champagne reception before heading off to private dinner at one of the newest dining hotspots.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Check-in time is 4 pm.

However, our itinerary begins with the -g Spot Lounge opening early.

Midafternoon we have something truly special planned. And afternoon reception, followed by a fleet of sleek, French-made helicopters setting off for the floor of the Grand Canyon. Once there, we will take in the site, enjoy a little nosh and then ascend the mile-high walls as the sun begins to set.

From there it’s off to a private roof-top dinner, followed by a special performance of the Majic Mike Show, at their new theater opening summer of 2021.

Friday, Septembrer 24, 2021

Check-in time is 4 pm.

Once again, our itinerary begins with the -g Spot Lounge opening early. By midday, the nearby Poly Vegas convention will be in full swing, and members of The-Group will have VIP access to their hotel’s first-ever, private Toptional Pool Party, featuring an epic DJ performing poolside.

Following dinner, Group members will once again have VIP access to Poly Vegas’s evening festivities, Party Erotique. Party Erotique is a combination fetish-inspired masquerade and live stage show, first created and produced by George.

For those looking for a late-night activity, the -g Spot Lounge will reopen afterward.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

You may not have gotten all the sleep you need, but that’s no reason not to seize the day, or at least grab a poolside chaise at the VIP Pool Deck and try to recover from the night before.

Of course, the -g Spot Lounge will be open early and may have just the remedy for your hangover; hair of the dog.

The rest of the day is your own. Explore the Strip, hit the casinos, shop, golf, sleep, flirt or socialize – whatever your desire use the day as you see fit.

As the sunsets and the Strip awakens anew, please join us for an evening cocktail reception, followed by dinner. After dinner, we are all invited to return to Poly Vegas and party with them at an outdoor dance party featuring a well-known EDM DJ.

Finally, no Group event would be complete without a private, on-premise afterparty, so there is one of those planned too.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday Brunch awaits! Please do your best to drag yourself out of bed, and join us for some mimosas and other tasty treats before heading home.

There are a few special things we have in store for our friends and want to be sure to draw your attention to them.

Helicopters: Apocalypse Now has nothing on us. We will be departing in mass for the floor of the Grand Canyon and returning as the sunsets over the mile-high canyon walls.

Magic Mike Show: We love billionaires, especially when one of them decides to invest in this popular stage show and build them a brand new theater (opening summer 2021). We will be there for a special lifestyle-only performance.

Toptional: Our new favorite word is Toptional, .especially when used in the sentence, “please join us for a toptional pool party.”

Included With All Packages

  • Complimentary Internet access in all Guest rooms
  • Complimentary turn-down service each night
  • Open Bar in the -g Spot Lounge daily
  • 24% Hotel Catering Gratuity
  • 3% Transaction Fees
  • All Portage Fees

"Pay Now" Options

  • Pay By Credit Card
  • Auto-Bill Monthly Payments
  • Pay-By-Phone @ 843-817-2789

For Couples

Wednesday - Sunday

5 Days / 4 Nights

Social Events Only


Deluxe King


One Bedroom Suite


Grand Suite I


Thursday - Sunday

4 Days / 3 Nights

Social Events Only


Deluxe King


One Bedroom Suite


Grand Suite I


For Single Women

Wednesday - Sunday

5 Days / 4 Nights

Social Events Only


Deluxe King


Thursday - Sunday

4 Days / 3 Nights

Social Events Only


Deluxe King



All payments are non-refundable, and trip insurance is strongly advised. If you wish to cancel, we will consider your request and may refund some of your payments (trip insurance does not get refunded), minus a processing fee, at our sole discretion taking into account many factors including when you are canceling. We also may offer you, again at our sole discretion the ability to transfer your payment to one of our future trips, minus a transfer fee to be determined by us at that time.