• November 19, 2023
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“Dinner With Men”: A New Event by The Group

ASPEN, COLORADO — The Group, renowned for its commitment to diversity, quality, and exclusivity in the open relationship community, is proud to announce the launch of “Dinner With Men,” a new and exciting addition to its roster of upscale events. This innovative spin-off of their acclaimed “Just For Dinner” series seeks to bridge the gap between the open relationship community and the LGBTQ+ community by offering a limited number of selective and upscale events for gay men.

Inaugural Dinner With Men at the 47th Annual Aspen Gay Ski Week

The inaugural “Dinner With Men” event will occur at the prestigious 47th Annual Aspen Gay Ski Week, sponsored by JPMorgan Wealth Management. This exclusive dinner is set to provide a unique platform for both open relationship enthusiasts and members of the LGBTQ+ community to come together in an elegant and inclusive environment.

A Brief History of the Annual Aspen Gay Ski Week

For nearly five decades, Aspen Gay Ski Week has been an iconic event in the LGBTQ+ calendar. Since its inception in 1977, it has become a vibrant celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and community. Attendees can enjoy world-class skiing, captivating cultural events, and unforgettable parties, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Colorado Rockies.

The Corollary Between Communities

The creation of “Dinner With Men” underscores the similarities between the open relationship and LGBTQ+ communities when it comes to limited access to selective and upscale events. Both communities possess a segment of people who value quality over quantity, seeking upscale spaces to connect, share experiences, and forge meaningful connections.

The Group’s Commitment to Quality

The Group has always been at the forefront of redefining upscale experiences within the open relationship community. “Dinner With Men” is a testament to their dedication to providing exclusive and refined settings where male-male couples and single men can explore their desires, connect with like-minded peers, and embrace the ethos of quality over quantity.

For inquiries or to secure your spot at “Dinner With Men” during the 47th Annual Aspen Gay Ski Week, please visit www.DinnerWithMen.com

About The Group

The Group is a trailblazing community dedicated to creating refined and exclusive events for professional couples, throuples, and singles exploring open relationships. With a meticulous vetting process and a commitment to quality, The Group offers a safe and welcoming space where connections flourish and meaningful experiences unfold.