Saturday, August 24th, 2024

Austin, TX



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  • Texas - 04/28/2017

    Hillside Dining In Austin. Two Thumbs Up! WAY UP!! Great great great venue! Such attention to detail and a very classy and sophisticated crowd! Two thumbs up all the way.... It's certainly not for everyone but if you want something different and a totally different non pushy, classy vibe this is it. Hosts are gracious, attentive, inviting and the attendees have such varied interests it makes for great conversation both kinky and vanilla.... my only regret is vanilla getting in the way of fun and having to leave a little early : (

    DominoDallas Texas
  • Texas - 04/30/2017

    We had a great time this past Friday evening in Austin meeting the hosts of this event and also a great group of couples to share a wonderful meal and conversation with. We look forward to doing it again in the future. A definite recommend for an upscale experience.

    Eluthera1 Texas
  • Texas - 06/05/2017

    Very nice meeting and dinner. There was interaction before the dinner and after at the bar. We had the opportunity to talk to several couples and look forward to meeting them in the future. The dinner was well organized, the food was excellent and the variety of wines exceptional.

    HotVenusians Texas
  • Texas - 06/07/2017

    Great food, excellent wine, attractive crowd, and superior hosts--what more could you ask for? We had a great time meeting George, Ann and all the other sexy couples Saturday. We highly recommend the experience!

    Race277 Texas
  • Texas - 07/12/2019

    We just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for a fantastic event yesterday in Austin. Our expectations were high, but you guys definitely exceeded them. The venue was superb, the food was great and the group of people you had put together were stimulating, intelligent and attractive. Truly a outstanding evening, and we hope to be seeing more to you all in future.

    M and C Texas
  • NY - 02/09/2021

    Good afternoon George,R and I made it home safely. We wanted to thank you for being such a gracious host and also for curating such an excellent experience for us. We hope to be able to spend time again with you and others again. Thank you!  We look forward to learning more about the travel and social opportunities with The Group.2/9/21 9:33:36 AMTake care and safe travels. R

    R & R NY
  • GA - 05/20/2021

    This is A & A, Just dropping a line to say thanks for putting together such a lovely evening in Austin last weekend. The food and the company were fantastic, and our trip, though brief, was just the adventure we needed. Ann was a gracious and entertaining host, and we had such a great time getting to know her a little bit. Thank you for a delightful evening,A & A P.S. we would love to get on the list for the event in Atlanta at the end of June, should we request an invite through the Just for Dinner website like we did for Austin?

    A & A GA
  • TX - 01/29/2024

    How fun, thanks for the invite. Enjoyed meeting Ann and everyone last night!L & C

    L & C TX
  • TX - 01/29/2024

    Thank you Ann and George. It was a pleasure meeting and spending some time with Ann last night. That was a great group of people you guys had assembled for the dinner. We enjoyed every aspect of the evening. We listened to your podcast interview right before dinner. Your vision and intent that you described in the podcast was executed to perfection last night. We look forward to attending events in the future. We believe we finally found our "group" of people. T and R

    T & R TX
  • TX - 02/05/2024

    Ann & George, I wanted to give a heartfelt thank you for my first experience with The Group. The experience has had me raving to close ones for the past week. I have found a part of me that was seeking to be welcomed and celebrated for so long. I still struggle to find the exact words to describe my delight for finding such classy and like-minded people.The elegance of the dinner and the caliber of guests; their confidence and openness to let go and have fun, even their success- it’s exciting to see that you really can have it all! I look forward to more experiences with The Group and wanted to say thank you once again. - L

    L TX