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Phoenix, AZ



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  • Arizona - 04/22/2017

    Top-notch in every way Just for Dinner Phoenix was a first rate affair in every way. The location selection was outstanding, the food was exceptional, great wine pairings and excellent service by the establishment. It is clear that George and Ann are experienced and thoughtful event planners, as they considered every little detail. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed meeting some great people. I only hope we can make it to a vacation experience in the not to distant future!

    NewLoverz Arizona
  • Arizona - 04/24/2017

    Great Experience We attended our first dinner with George April 22nd in Phoenix. We had a wonderful time and met interesting sexy couples. The atmosphere, food and wine were all first rate. We look forward to attending our next event.

    JD2107 Arizona
  • AZ - 01/18/2021

    George, It was truly a pleasure to meet you last night and to attend your event. The food was amazing and the wine was felt this morning. Success! We hope to join you in the future for one of your events, meet Ann,  and meet some of the other group members you spoke so highly of. Take care and safe travels!  D & A

    A & D AZ
  • AZ - 01/17/2021

    George,Thank you for curating a beautiful evening.  The food was delicious and the company wonderful.  You exceeded our expectations, we are delighted to find someone who shares our vision for the finer things in life, mixed with our desires associated with the lifestyle.We look forward to attending a multi day event, whereby we hope to foster long term friendships with like minded people. It was a true pleasure to see D laughing and so relaxed.  You both share a lot in common.O & D

    O & D AZ
  • AZ - 01/18/2021

    Good morning George! This is H the dark haired one from last night! Wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful dinner experience it was fantastic! We appreciate your efforts. We are wanting to connect with a couple that was there but we are having a hard time finding them. We were wanting to know if you knew their screen name by chance. H and J is who we are wanting to find! I hope you have a great day! And thanks again for everything! H the tall one!

    H & M AZ
  • NM - 12/22/2021

    Hi George and Ann, I hope you're both doing well. S & I wanted to thank you both so much for an amazing evening at the Phoenix Just For Dinner. We had such a great time and would love the opportunity to attend more events in the future.  With that, I wanted to make sure you received our membership application. I filled it out on my phone while we were in the airport lounge waiting to fly back to Albuquerque and am concerned that it may not have processed correctly.   I'm also sure that you're super busy and just may not have gotten around to checking it yet. In any case, if you didn't receive it and need us to resubmit it, we're more than happy to do so, just let me know. Thank you again. Sincerely, T & S

    T & S NM
  • AZ - 07/11/2022

    Hi George, First and foremost, I hope and trust you had a great rest of your weekend at the event in Beverly Hills.  Sounds like that was going to be a fantastic experience. A and I wanted to thank you for an amazing evening last Friday.  It was a pleasure making your acquaintance as well as that of everyone else at the event.  We enjoyed meeting everyone and the first event exceeded our expectations.  We discussed the fact that this was different from both our everyday events and any lifestyle events we’ve attended in terms of the quality of the attendees and the way in which its run. We are curious as to the next steps relating to other events or the group.  If you can give us an idea of how it usually progresses, we’d love to be able to think about how this might work with our schedule and desires. Look forward to keeping in touch and meeting again sometime soon! D & A

    A & D AZ