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  • NY - 03/27/2020

    Dear Ann,I just wanted to thank you for your response to after dinner drinks not being at the hotel.  It was classy and exactly what we were looking for.  We are knew to the lifestyle and enjoy the 'no pressure' of Just for Dinner.  Hope we make the cut into the group.Thank you,J & R

    J & R NY
  • NJ - 06/01/2021

    George, Despite mother nature trying to spoil our party, as usual you out did yourself and made another perfect dinner. First off, the venue was amazing, (I cannot wait to go back for dinner) the food and wine were better, but more importantly the guest list still took first place. It was a wonderful evening spent with great people from all over blending together to make it another special event. I am not sure how you continue to make every dinner special but keep up the good work. We cannot wait for the next one. Fondest regards always C & M

    M & C NJ
  • NJ - 06/01/2021

    Good morning George.    Thank you for a fun evening last night. We really had a nice time speaking to everyone, including yourself. It was great to finally meet you and hear all your stories.    I love the aspect of always traveling and seeing new places.  I also enjoyed seeing how you curate amazing evenings. Last night, you mentioned Jamaica and I told you about my love for islands and beaches. If I can be of any assistance, as in what palm tree is better to be near, don’t hesitate to call! M   Again, we just wanted to reach out and say thank you.    L & C

    L & C NJ
  • NY - 06/01/2021

    George, Thanks again for last night. Great meeting you finally. Food was excellent, atmosphere was great, and company was fun.  Safe trip to Jamaica and good luck in the search! Greg and Alex

    A & G NY
  • NY - 06/01/2021

    George, Just wanted to say thank you and that we had a great time last night  This was the classiest lifestyle event we’ve ever been to and that is much appreciated.  Also, I’d be remiss if I didn't mention what a great host, facilitator and organizer you were.  Very gracious and thoughtful.   We’re not usually ones to jump into a situation out of the gate so appreciate your warm welcome. Best,M and N

    M & N NY
  • PA - 09/14/2021

    Hi George, This is J & R, the PA couple that sat next to you on Friday night at dinner. Just wanted to say thank you for the invite, we had a great time! It was really nice meeting you! J & R

    J & R PA
  • TX - 11/23/2022

    Thank you very much for a great dinner. We enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you and the other guests. It was a very refreshing experience.   C & K

    K & C TX
  • NJ - 11/23/2022

    George & Ann, As always, we had a wonderful time. Even met a few nice couples to boot. Looking forward to the next get together. By the way, as we mentioned, we will be in Charleston for Christmas, so if you are there let us know so we can get together. If not, let us wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and of course and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Till next time. Fondest regards, C and M

    M & C NJ
  • CT - 11/23/2022

    George and Ann, We had a great time at dinner on Friday. Thank you for including us and allowing us to be a part of The Group. We look forward to attending many more events and see you both again very soon. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Best, M and C

    C & M CT
  • NJ - 06/07/2023

    Good morning, We wanted to reach out and let you know we really enjoyed meeting Ann as well as the guests at the dinner last Saturday in NYC.It was definitely a first-class experience and guests were very nice.  You have come up with a great environment to meet others with no pressures.  We are curious as to what the next steps are.  Do you accept / deny each applicant after the first dinner or are there other steps in the process?  Thanks again for including us, looking forward to learning more. Sincerely -  W & T

    T & W NJ
  • WA - 12/23/2023

    Hello George and Ann, Thank you very much for having us for dinner and the invitation to join The Group. We were sorry that we didn’t get the chance to thank you in person at the after bar, which was as closing when we arrived. We are glad we could join and appreciate all your effort to make it happen, even walking 20+ blocks.  Happy Holidays and take care,N & C

    N & C WA