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Houston, TX



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  • TX - 03/27/2020

    We really enjoyed getting to know the couple next to us and hope to see them at another event. ;)Heather & Michael

    Heather & Michael TX
  • Texas - 09/17/2017

    Wonderful meal and couples... We had a wonderful time at Just for Dinner Houston. G&A throw a first class event and we will definitely attend another.

    LoversOfLife500 Texas
  • TX - 02/11/2022

    George and Ann, I and I wanted to extend a thank you for the wonderful dinner.  We had a great time getting to know the couples who attended.  The food and and wine pairing were fantastic!  We had a chance to sit and talk with Ann during dinner and couldn’t have been more impressed with her honesty, transparency, and friendliness.   So the question we have is what’s next?  How do we proceed?   Thanks once again, S & I

    I & S TX
  • TX - 04/17/2023

    Hi George, Thank you for sponsoring the dinner last night. I was very enjoyable and we were enchanted to meet Ann.R & J

    J & R TX
  • TX - 04/17/2023

    Ann,It was a pleasure to meet you Friday night here in Houston - E and I had a great time at the Dinner. The food, atmosphere and company were all great! Hope the rest of your weekend went well and look forward to seeing you again soon Best N & E

    E & N TX
  • TX - 04/18/2023

    George and Ann,  Thank you so much for the invite to Just for Dinner; I had a wonderful evening getting to know the others.  Ann is an amazing hostess and I look forward to getting to know you both.  I look forward to details on potential next steps. B

    B TX