Friday, January 19th, 2024

Boston, MA



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  • Colorado - 02/04/2017

    Thank you both for hosting a terrific dinner. We enjoyed meeting some great people! J. and J.

    Pj2014z Colorado
  • Massachusetts - 02/04/2017

    George, Thank you for coordinating dinner last night. K. and I had a great evening. K,

    RockstarAstronauts Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts - 02/07/2017

    Thank you for a wonderful evening on Friday in Boston! We truly enjoyed meeting you and all the other couples! The Palm Beach event sounds amazing, unfortunately with busy work and family schedules right now, we won't be able to attend. We would, however, love to be considered for future events. S. and D.

    SquirterCouple Massachusetts
  • New Mexico - 02/09/2017

    George & Ann, Warmest regards to you both. You created great anticipation leading up to the dinner party. It was delightful to receive personalized communication and surprises along the way to make our stay special. Just for Dinner was great for introducing E. and I more to the lifestyle. We enjoyed the beautiful dinner and the opportunity to meet other couples sharing in likeminded perspectives. Boston was a city that shows its spirit and treated us well. We look forward to what may come. Sincerely, M. & E.

    Caprica6 New Mexico
  • Texas - 08/09/2017

    Very Fun Night Dinner in Boston is always a treat for us, but add 12 new friends that are all very interesting and outgoing makes it even better. From our gracious host George meeting everyone at the door to the very natural way that people gathered and talked and got the evening started. Conversation moves in many directions but there was never a quiet moment. Will definitely consider other events. Would recommend you try it if you are thinking about it.

    VBLifestyle675 Texas
  • NH - 06/28/2021

    Greetings to both of you,The dinner was very nice and the group was  friendly and welcoming. The group seemed to have a very nice evening. We met a few return customers from the west coast and really enjoyed their company. We will be back for more!Thanks  C &  J

    C & J NH
  • GA - 06/28/2021

    Good morning Ann and George,We had a wonderful evening last night! The food was delicious, and I really appreciate that the chef honored my request for delicious gluten-free alternatives. We enjoyed everyone’s company and are glad to have met Ann this time. Thank you again for being such gracious hosts and for the work that you spent preparing for the evening.Sincerely,C and J 

    C & J GA
  • RI - 06/05/2023

    Hi Ann & George, We had such a great time on Saturday in Boston. We’re interested in hearing more about staying in Jamaica and joining the club. Do you have any more info  you could send us? This was our second dinner with you and the food was just incredible. It was also a great group of people which helped make for a fun night.Looking forward to hearing from you.J+H

    H & J RI